U.S. Arrests Grandparents of American Child


The parents of an abducting mother were arrested this morning in-transit from Miami International Airport. Here’s the news article on this latest story.

As I was reading it, I had several thoughts as I recognized the same exact pattern used in my own son’s abduction.

The grandparents in this case, Carlos Otavio Guimaraes, 67, and Jemima Guimaraes, 65, were taken into custody early Wednesday at Miami International Airport, where they were informed that they had been charged in a criminal complaint filed under seal by federal prosecutors in Texas last March. Prosecutors often keep criminal cases sealed until defendants are within their reach.

So, the grandparents helped their daughter kidnap their grandson from his father. As mentioned before, abductors rarely act alone. They usually have support from family or partners. These co-conspirators are not guilt-free.

The complaint says that Ms. [Marcelle] Guimaraes, who is also charged in the case, used the pretext of a family wedding to get Mr. Brann’s permission to allow Nicolas to travel to Brazil.

Just as You-Know-Who used the pretext of a “much deserved” Christmas visitation to further the agenda of a surprise kidnapping.

Soon after arriving in Brazil that July, Ms. Guimaraes filed for sole custody of the child in a Brazilian court and, according to the complaint, for weeks misled her ex-husband about her decision to remain permanently.

This quote right there really kicks me in my gut. My heart. My soul. 

My son had only been in Malta for one week when You-Know-Who filed for sole custody. From December 9, 2016 until February 19, 2017, I was continuously deceived and misled about his decision to act and do all he could to keep my son permanently.

An F.B.I. special agent, Christopher Petrowski, wrote in the charging document that the grandparents were complicit in the deception, citing as evidence that the child had been enrolled months before the trip in a school in Salvador, in the Brazilian state of Bahia, that is run by the elder Ms. Guimaraes.

To this day, I have no idea how involved my son’s grandparents were in his kidnapping, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they encouraged it. The kidnapping was premeditated based off of evidentiary emails provided during The Hague trial which showed a psychologist was already ready and waiting for my son upon his arrival in Malta. 

Mr. Petrowski also wrote that Mr. Guimaraes — a senior executive at ED & F Man, a multinational agricultural commodities company — misled Mr. Brann about his daughter’s intentions by emailing him flight itinerary information suggesting that the mother and child intended to fly to the United States in early August 2013.

I was also misled and emailed flight itinerary information to put my mind at ease that my child was coming home. And the one who emailed me that information knew damn well there was no intention to bring him home. He couldn’t risk that I would find out and interfere before he “received permission” in his own mind to kidnap.

Ms. Guimaraes filed for divorce in September 2012, and the couple shared custody of Nicolas for several months. Ms. Guimaraes was granted permission to take their son to Brazil twice, under legal agreements filed in Texas.

I just want to point out that many children are kidnapped under the guise of “legal agreements”. It is a human rights violation to force a parent to send their child out of the country when there is no guarantee the child will be returned, despite the fact this is a FEDERAL CRIME.

In September 2013, Ms. Guimaraes disclosed to Mr. Brann that she intended to remain in Brazil. “I have better conditions to raise our son and I am willing to talk about visitation,” she wrote in an email included in the complaint. “My wish is that we can get into an agreement soon, so we can all move on with our lives.’

My son’s abductor also felt in “opportune” to appear cooperative. How can one be cooperative in the same breath they inform you nonchalantly that they are violating a custody agreement by keeping your child, despite the fact there are international laws against this? 

“In the meantime, I invite you to maintain an open and consistent channel of communication with both Zander and myself in the interest of ensuring that Zander benefits from access to both parents.
Thanks and Regards”

And just like for me, that kind “offer” is a false one.

In the interview, Mr. Brann said he had often struggled to get permission to see his son in more than 20 trips to Brazil since 2013.

Let’s pray that justice rights this inhumane situation and father and son are reunited.


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  1. Hello,
    My name is Carolyn OBrien and my daughter was taken to Canada by her father and was aided by his parents to keep my daughter there. She was held there for 10 yrs. I fought the courts there for many years to no avail. I would love our justice system support criminal charges in cases like this. I am so happy for you. My daughter has since aged out and came home to the United States for the very first time since being taken there just a year and a half ago. Please keep us updated on progress with your situation.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing. Canada needs to take IPCA cases more seriously. I think that the more abductors that are charged, it will act as a further deterrent for future abductions. I will definitely keep my case updated. Thank you for following!

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